Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Studded Men's Gladiator Sandals

It's time for another installment of Summa-time Shenanigans, yo.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unhealthy obsession  extreme love for boots. Military boots, riding boots...pretty much any boot possible. I legitimately own enough boots to wear a different pair every day of the week.

However, it's summer and conventional wisdom says it's far too hot to wear boots.

Can you imagine trekking through the sand with your cooler, towels, surfboard, girlfriends beach bag (A.K.A triple sized purse) and a shopping bag full of Capri Suns and Salsa Verde Doritos while trying to INSTAGRAM [@boifromipanema] and live tweet your beach trip on TWITTER [@boifromipanema] ...IN COMBAT BOOTS? Not so fun, or practical for that matter.

You see what I did there?

So my obsession for the last two summers has been the studded Givenchy Gladiator Sandals for men by Riccardo Tisci. They are really comfortable and safer than flip flops and they look soo cool. D&G also came out with a line of sandals, some styles even come in mid-calf straps!

Now if you are like me and you can't afford to drop a minor fortune to invest in the Maison de Givenchy, ALDO sells some great sandals for men that are relatively inexpensive and with a little TLC and elbow grease, you can achieve a similar effect to the $600.00 counterparts.

I started off with these men's gladiator sandals from Aldo.

I then purchased a pack of 100 pyramid studs off Ebay for $3.00 (there are tons of sellers offering metal studs on Ebay).

With a bit of planning, I mapped out where I wanted the studs to go. Then, using a rubber hammer, I pounded the studs through and bent the sharp prongs back with a screw driver.

Once all of the prongs were flush with the leather, I polished up the studs and I was done. Super simple and the effect turned out pretty dope. DIY studded gladiator sandals and all for under $100!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy brithday Frida!

Feliz  cumpleaƱos & Gute zum Geburtstag Frida

Surf's up

Ever since I can remember, my fondest memories of the summer are engulfed by the ocean. Whether it was body surfing with my bros, beach bonfires with the family, summer whale watching trips with school-mates, ditching high school in my friend's jeep and heading out for a beach day- 
(I don't endorse that..but it was really fun)
 -camping with my entire extended family on the beaches of San Diego, San Clemente, even Ensenada Mexico, summer always revolved around time by the ocean.

My childhood and teen years were always filled by the sea. 

It wasn't until later in my life that I discovered surfing. Surfing is a rush that is so hard to explain. On one hand you have the immense power and enormity of the waves and the ocean, the slight but constant tinge of fear of the unknown and the peace and calm and quiet in between sets (of waves). It's in these contrasting moments that one can really appreciate and respect the beauty and power of God's creation. To simply sit on your board looking out into the vastness of the expanse of water before you is an overwhelming emotional experience in itself. Either that or I'm on my man period, in which case everything is hyper sensitive and emotional, yo!

I love taking time out of my schedule to go surfing with someone close to me.  Not just anyone but someone who can truly take in the full gravity of the experience and most importantly probably someone who will not annoy the life out of me. hahaha

But let's be real...I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that the entirety of my surf trips consist of me crying and staring into the horizon. In fact a majority of the time is spent laughing and joking around and eating and snacking and sometimes fighting but mostly laughing. Oh, and also falling. 

Lots of falling.  -__- 

But I don't mind because it keeps me humble. 

The ocean has a way of doing that.  

Just when you think you are big and bad,  there is always that one swell that totally wipes you out and makes you do cartwheels underwater straight into the sand. 

I once heard a quote that said "no matter how important you may think you are, you are never more important than the ocean".  It is so true and I believe it is something that more people need to realize. There are always things that will be bigger and better and more powerful than you. It's up to you do find the beauty in them and to use those things to make yourself better.  

Open yourself up to humbling will be surprised by what you can learn.  

'Til later, friends.

ttyl beijos tchau, 


Boards all secure and packed up ready to head down to the shore.

Always in good company, my white "Latin heart-ed" sista Lauren A.K.A Larry.

Larry with her long board.

Can't wait to hit the waves.

Our drink of choice 'cause we're cray cray like that...

I must say...I dig beach hair, even if it just frizzes up and gets in my face/mouth. haha

Note: all images are taken and owned by  Jeshua Viveiros and

Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Wave-Inspired Tie Dye Tank

While surfing last week, I was knocked off my board by a huge wave and while under water I opened my eyes in time to see the beautifully rad swirls of sand and color being stirred up by the force of the crashing water. I was inspired to create a cool tank that is as bold and flowing as the waves themselves as part of my Summa-time Shenanigans series. I can help you create your own Wave-Inspired Tie Dye Tank in five easy steps!  

What you'll need:


I used Tulip's One Step Dye from iLovetoCreate in black and teal. The dye comes included with rubber bands and with a pair of gloves which, trust me, you are going to need. Seriously... unless you like zombie-looking fingers, then by all means omit the gloves...I guess.

Do yourself a favor and choose a white t-shirt that is 100% cotton. Anything less will produce less than stellar results and  you want stellar results, right?  I grabbed a tee in a few sizes larger than I normally wear to give it that easy, bohemian look. Then I used an old tank I had as a template. Oh, be sure to cover your work surface with a plastic cover as the dye is...well, dye and dye may dye your surface.  

So yeh....

Step One:

Turn your white tee inside out so you don't see your tracing marks after you draw your template with the marker.

Cut with a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure your lines aren't jacked up.

Step Two:

Using your spray bottle generously spray your tank until the fabric is thoroughly soaked all the way trough. Then pinch the fabric in the middle of the tank and twist until the tank has spiraled into a small tight bundle thinggy, as shown in the pic below. Aren't I so very descriptive!?

Bravo private school education... bravo  -_-

For sharper lines and more crisp color separation, you can secure your bundle "thinggy" with the rubber bands but this part is completely optional.

Step Three:

Next, add water to your Tulip dye bottles (which conveniently come with the dye powder already pre-measured inside the bottle) and shake until the powered dye is completely mixed, then simply add the colors to the fabric in an alternating spiral pattern. Go crazy. Alternate your colors, have fun--it doesn't have to be perfect. 

Step Four:

 Once you've thoroughly added the colors to the tank in the desired places, wrap it in plastic like a ninja and let the tank sit and absorb the dyes for at least 6 hours or overnight. This ensures that your fabric will retain as much dye as possible.

Step Five: 

When the resting time has finished, follow washing instructions as directed on Tulip dye box, dry and...VOILA!! 

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