Thursday, April 3, 2014


Deuces  Blogger! It's been a good run and I love the following I've gained here, but as of today I will be posting daily on my NEW BLOG!!!! will be updated with new videos, photos, blog posts and articles daily!

Don't forget to follow me to see all the journey!

much love amores. It's been real


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 ways to entertain yourself whilst being sick

Well, I'm currently on day 3 of some weird stomach bug that is throwing a serious wrench in my game....bleech

I'm so bummed because I haven't even left my house in what seems like forever and I'm starting to develop cabin fever as well as an intimate relationship with a barf bag!!!!!!

Soooo anywho, I compiled a list of things to occupy your time with as you endure...the sickness.

1. Instagram
 Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through people who are NOT in fact snatched by the sickness.  Also, it's a great way to gain sympathy from everyone by posting a "I'm only taking a picture of one of my eyes, pity me I'm sick and tell me I'm hot" picture.  It's great and works out for all parties involved!!
 Don't forget your self deprecating caption!
case in point! 

2. Watch Vines.

  Vine differs from  Instagram because where you can filter and angle and hide in a photo, video are less forgiving! Therefore I opt for the *watching Vines option as opposed to the *making Vines option.

Also, you can surprisingly waste MOST of the hours of your day viewing these six second videos!!! WHO KNEW?!!!!

3. Throwup

4.Make fun of the dumb statuses on facebook..but also pretend you are interested by commenting on said dumb statuses with "wow..interesting" but then send a screen shot of the said dumb status to your best friend so you can both comment on it but really laugh about it to each other.  Also say the word "interesting" with four syllables instead of three for added sarcasm!

* I reserve the right to not post a photo of this as to NOT self incriminate haha

4. Google your name but never ever admit that you did it....

5. YouTube news anchor fails because nothing makes you feel better about your ill condition and/or your post college-but-still-can't-find-a-real-job life like laughing at the misfortunes of people in the professional realm.

Enjoy y'all....and get better soon.....same...right back at me
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Friday, January 31, 2014

The BoifromIpanema Disney Diaries: #DisneylandVineMeetup

It's crazy to think that a free app on our phones could unite so many people from so many places and walks of life.  It all started about a year ago when the Vine app was launched and it caught on like a wildfire.

Over time, we Viners established a community and it wasn't long before we were planning to meet up; and what better place to meet than the happiest place on earth? Disneyland!!!!!!!!

People showed up from all over: Maryland, Arizona, Washington, ENGLAND (wth?!) and all different parts of California.  

It was grerat to hang out with cool new people and reconnect with old firends (Maya of and I got to hang out all weekend!!-- you can check out here recap here)

I guess if you're gonna meetup and hangout with people for the first time, there is no better icebreaker than seeing them scream like a ten year old girl on Splash Mountain. haha.

In the end a total of 22 viners showed up to share in the meetup madness. 

There was so many laughs, lots of eating, new Disney memories made and tons of Vining!

For more videos and pictures you can search the hashtag #disneylandvinemeetup on Vine and Instagram! 

Leave me a comment below and let me know what your favorite Disney Memories are or if you've ever met up with internet friends!


Maya, Liz, Ryan, Rachel, Gabe and I  getting ready to watch the fireworks!

Group picture, minus a few :)

Because we had to do the cheesy friend finger star like we are in 7th grade all over again.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Música Monday: Us "No matter where you are"

Wow! Has everyone fully recovered from last night's Grammys?

Seriously, that was one of the most solid award shows I have seen -- and when it comes to music award show....I'm a total junkie!--

From Beyoncé's opening number, I knew the show was gonna be a banger!!!

I love how the producers always merged current artists with legends!

Robin Thicke and Chicago, Pharrell with Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder, Blake Shelton and Willie Nelson, Mackelmore and Madonna! I was just totally in awe....

All of the fusions were great too.

Kendrick Lamar with Imagine dragons gave an amazing performance... Like AMAZING.
Metallica (<3 a="" beautiful.="" concert="" dark="" gave="" grand="" just="" lang="" layer="" nbsp="" ne="" on="" out="" p="" piano="" pulled="" rich="" so="" song="" that="" the="" was="" which="" with="">
Pink can seriously do no wrong!  She gave a fantastic aerialist performance, THEN did some acro, THEN put on heels and a skirt all whilst singing LIVE??????


Oh and let's not forget my FAVORITE duet of the night. Carole King and Sara Bareilles singing whilst playing those beautiful grand pianos!!!

but I digress..

My choice for this Música Monday is a band that I personally discovered on Vine (follow me on Vine @boifromIpanema *wink wink*) known simply as "Us".  

 Husband and wife duo Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae recently released their sophomore album "No matter where you are" in November of 2013 and I have not stopped listening to it since.

Its definitely a chill album with smooth vocals and R&B references.

Take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think :D

You can use the Spotify playlist below, and if you don't have Spotify, I'd definitely recommend you download it! It's free and you can stream millions of FULL ALBUMS!!!!


May a little dose of music brighten your Monday and boost your week!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Tin & Twine Christmas Ornament

In the spirit of the Holidays, I thought I'd break y'all off a little Christmas tutorial!

This project literally took my less than an hour to complete and it totally looks le expensive!

Here's what you'll need:

Twine (or jute...whateves works ^-^!!!).

Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue. This stuff is THEE BESTTTTTTTTTT. I love it. Seriously I have been using it for everything!

A blank cardboard ornament. 

Embossing tin.
So I started by drawing a flaming heart on the tin.

Then on the backside of the image I drew, I used the eraser side of a pencil to push out the back of the heart giving my image a 3D effect. 

After that, I cut out my embossed tin image and glued it to the ornament.

Next, I spread out some glue around the embossed tin and looped a bit of twine around the heart.

After the initial circle around the heart was finished, I spread some more glue then began individually wrapping twine around each arm-thing of the cross....

( they even have real names?? lol)

 Once my cross ornament was totally covered, I let it dry (which probably took a total of 20 minutes) then added these little clay flowers, just for some extra flay-vuh.


Super easy, super good looking! 

I'm actually really impressed by how good my ornament turned out for as fast as the process was!

Hope you enjoy.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!


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