Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 ways to entertain yourself whilst being sick

Well, I'm currently on day 3 of some weird stomach bug that is throwing a serious wrench in my game....bleech

I'm so bummed because I haven't even left my house in what seems like forever and I'm starting to develop cabin fever as well as an intimate relationship with a barf bag!!!!!!

Soooo anywho, I compiled a list of things to occupy your time with as you endure...the sickness.

1. Instagram
 Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through people who are NOT in fact snatched by the sickness.  Also, it's a great way to gain sympathy from everyone by posting a "I'm only taking a picture of one of my eyes, pity me I'm sick and tell me I'm hot" picture.  It's great and works out for all parties involved!!
 Don't forget your self deprecating caption!
case in point! 

2. Watch Vines.

  Vine differs from  Instagram because where you can filter and angle and hide in a photo, video are less forgiving! Therefore I opt for the *watching Vines option as opposed to the *making Vines option.

Also, you can surprisingly waste MOST of the hours of your day viewing these six second videos!!! WHO KNEW?!!!!

3. Throwup

4.Make fun of the dumb statuses on facebook..but also pretend you are interested by commenting on said dumb statuses with "wow..interesting" but then send a screen shot of the said dumb status to your best friend so you can both comment on it but really laugh about it to each other.  Also say the word "interesting" with four syllables instead of three for added sarcasm!

* I reserve the right to not post a photo of this as to NOT self incriminate haha

4. Google your name but never ever admit that you did it....

5. YouTube news anchor fails because nothing makes you feel better about your ill condition and/or your post college-but-still-can't-find-a-real-job life like laughing at the misfortunes of people in the professional realm.

Enjoy y'all....and get better soon.....same...right back at me
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