Monday, April 30, 2012

Long Overdue

As I have said before (or in the case of new readers, as I say, and say often) one of my biggest inspirations is my big sister Denise, also known as Pearmama. She's a fantastic artist and overall wonderful person.  So its kind of a big surprise that after 21 years of being alive, I have just recently done my FIRST art collaboration with her!!
               I am so stoked.
  Its nothing major or grandiose, however it means so much to me that she would even ask me to be a part of her art --even if it was just passed off to me because she was too tired to complete it-- hah
  I think it turned out pretty dope if I do say so myself ;)
Thanks for inspiring me sister ♥
ttyl beijos tchau

working on two projects..possible Boifromipanema T-shirts?? I think yes.

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