Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summa summa summer time!!

Well all of you wonderful people out there, it is finally summer!!!!!!!! 
             -insert  students bursting through school doors into the sunshine, grad caps and papers flying- 
Time for sunning, surfing, biking and bonfires with the friends, beach trips, road trips...all the warm summertime shenanigans...

               except for all of you in Australia and south Africa....sorry your summer sucks....soo...yeah

 Even though I am definitely not a fan of sweating, sunburns or heat, I must say that a part part of me looks forward the the fun summer activities. The life and vivaciousness is palpable here in southern California.

 So in honor of the new season I am starting a new weekly segment both here on my blog as well as on my YouTube page entitled "Summa-time Shenanigans" where I will be posting either a Video cover of my favorite summer anthems and/or a crafty/art project inspired by the summer!

but not right now...right now I'm going surfing!
 First Summa-time Shenanigan post up next week :D Until then here are a few summer anthems for you to enjoy in the meantime !

ttyl beijos tchau

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