Friday, June 28, 2013

Duets for a Year: Coffee House Sessions

So recently I have been trying to get back on my performing game.

After an injury and resulting surgery a while ago, I was forced to call it quits.
To be honest, insecurities and doubts really got to me during my rehab time and only recently have I really been back in the studio dancing and picking up my instruments and using my voice again.

And let me me tell you..

.ooh chil' it is rusty!!!! 

Nevertheless the answers to my prayers have come in the forms of my talented musical friends who are always pushing me to "Keep Pushing!" lol

you know who you are ;P

When my good friend Taylor Gordon asked me to accompany her in this performance, I couldn't be more excited!

This performance was an awesome opportunity to play my guitar in public (for the first time...oh LAWD I was so nervous but alas.. It went pretty well.

 Here is one of my favorite pieces that we performed that night, our version of  the Carrie Underwood song "So Small"

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