Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is Lame

So rumor has it that today is Valentine's day. Ya know, if the 5 billion pounds of chocolate, dozens of red roses (most of them being sold by sun kissed Mexicanos on street corners) and all the ooey gooey lovers didn't give that one away. In not going to say I'm bitter or anything (kind of) but even when I was in a relationship on valentines day, I never really could get into it. It's just so cliché. If you are a guy and you REALLY want to impress a girl, treat her like it's Valentine's day everyday. Not just one a year. In the famous words of the dude currently standing next to me " it's just another day bro, there are 364 days just like them" -- he's obviously not taking into account a leap year. Gosh--- anyways. Life is far too short to wait for one day a year to tell someone that you love them and to show that you care. That's not love. That's stupid high school stuff. That kind of "Love" is LAME

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