About me

Hey, I'm Jeshua.

In a few words: mulatto, singer, Chicchetti/ Balanchine trained dancer, intellectual nerd, clumsy, rocker...artist.

Born and raised in sunny southern California influenced by all the surrounding beauty. Beaches, buildings, palm trees, mountains, murals, graffiti, smog, traffic are all my inspiration.

My blog consists on the things I love: surfing, cooking, music, dancing, men's fashion and art/craft diy and tutorials.

The inspiration behind my blog name, BoifromIpanemapronounced boy from Ipanema, came from my last name. An old Portuguese royal (*cough cough humble brag*) name brought to the Americas by the colonizing European families who made their home in Brazil.  

Also, because I really liked the song Girl from Ipanema and decided to make it my own. 

That's pretty much it! ha

I hope you stay a while and take a look around.



Contact: boifromipanema@gmail.com


  1. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen!

    1. wow! hahah thank you. I'm blushing!! hah


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