Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Exceeding limits

Never limit yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a dancer, I have come to realize that this has to be one the absolute MOST important things a dancer can ever learn.
 A good dancer continually studies their style of dance.  A great dancer continually studies them all.  
It makes me so mad when I am in class, whether it be hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and I hear dancers saying--
in the OH-So-Snooty-way only a dancer can say
"oh, I don't do ballet." "I don't do jazz" " I am strictly a modern dancer"... etc etc.
If you don't learn to adapt as a dancer, you will never last in the industry.  As I have seen many a rising star come and go I realize, yes, you may have your moment; However the true talent is the dancer who trains their body to do adapt to every genre of dance. It's all about longevity yo. That is where the real talent lies.
this pic pretty much sums me up
 Never ever limit yourself.
 If you are a hip hop dancer, get your ass in ballet.  Modern dancer? Try  a Housing class (and a ballet class because every dancer should always do ballet)
There is an entire world of dance waiting for you to explore if only you can let go of your fear/ego and just let your body explore the movement.
ttyl beijos tchau

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Calavera Surprises

My big sister Denise A.K.A Pearmama recently celebrated a milestone birthday age...
The big 4.0. 
Thus the siblings and I decided to throw a surprise party for her.
 Now I won't even get into the cray-cray-ness involved in planning, inviting, setting up, budgeting, AGREEING ON PARTY THEME...sigh because I want to keep this short and to the point-- And the point being......
               One of my tasks was to create a cool piece of art that the guests could sign and then be presented to Denise at the end of the night.
             So once the theme was decided upon (Dia De Los Muertos theme) my Left-handed-brain-oceans started a churnin'. "What about a GIANT sugar skull?!" I thought was A lot of work but luckily I had my big bro there to help me.
The first thing I did was to draw out the basic shape of the Calavera skull on a large piece of MDF wood which is simply recycled pressed wood board. I chose MDF board because it is relatively cheaper and can be cut and sanded easily, and also has no knots or wood grain to deal with.  
Calavera skull rough sketch
Once my brother cut out the shape of the skull, he was nice enough to prime the entire thing for me wich totally saved me on time.. I first began by drawing out the eye, nose and teeth shapes. I then began filling in the shapes with black paint.
once the basic shapes were all mapped out and filled in, I could begin on the detial work.  This is really what took the most time. All the tiny intricate scallops and swirls took me deep into the wee hours.  
Pretty much the finished product..

The party was a success, Denise was completely surprised to see our whole family there waiting to celebrate her birthday with painted faces and eager spirits.  
The evil twins(the name affectionately given to us by Denise because we are both sarcastic curly haired fashion conscious wonderful people with the strange affinity for dressing similarly to family functions  hah). My sister Jennifer and myself

The siblings 

Birthday girl blowing out her candles 

Denise's birthday altar
hope you enjoyed :D
ttyl beijos tchau
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