Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Exceeding limits

Never limit yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a dancer, I have come to realize that this has to be one the absolute MOST important things a dancer can ever learn.
 A good dancer continually studies their style of dance.  A great dancer continually studies them all.  
It makes me so mad when I am in class, whether it be hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and I hear dancers saying--
in the OH-So-Snooty-way only a dancer can say
"oh, I don't do ballet." "I don't do jazz" " I am strictly a modern dancer"... etc etc.
If you don't learn to adapt as a dancer, you will never last in the industry.  As I have seen many a rising star come and go I realize, yes, you may have your moment; However the true talent is the dancer who trains their body to do adapt to every genre of dance. It's all about longevity yo. That is where the real talent lies.
this pic pretty much sums me up
 Never ever limit yourself.
 If you are a hip hop dancer, get your ass in ballet.  Modern dancer? Try  a Housing class (and a ballet class because every dancer should always do ballet)
There is an entire world of dance waiting for you to explore if only you can let go of your fear/ego and just let your body explore the movement.
ttyl beijos tchau

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