Thursday, December 8, 2011

the MOST wonderful time of the year

With all of the Christmas hustle and bustle stirring around me, I found myself smitten by the cray cray Christmas bug. I wanted to do something fun and festive but still with my own lil FLAVUH, so I thought 

"HEY, why not ornaments? That's fresh and new and never been done before -_-" 

Ok whatever, but I have been making my own ornaments since I was 10, and I always seem to use the same technique because honestly... its just fun and looks great! hah
This year I experimented with some new colors and I am pretty thrilled with the results

almost completed
So after I let the ornaments dry over night I decided that they were still just a bit too plain sooooooo (this is where the cray cray  Christmas bug came into play) ........
 I decided to hand paint Dia de Los Muertos Calavera skulls onto my ornaments. One by one each with their own personalities and designs.  I even threw in a couple clear flat bubs on which I painted an original Corazon design from my upcoming T-shirt line
 ya know, cuz sometimes life is too easy!
Here are the Final results.. 
 The best part is that they make great one-of-a-kind gifts! ( yes family, you are all getting one whether you like it or not <3)
Want one for yourself or a loved one?
 Message me at to get a custom made hand painted ornament to add some Chili-Pepper ZANG to your Christmas tree.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Them Good Genes

I'd like to think I come from a long line of talented people.....well I would like to believe that. -_-
One thing I do know, is that one of the most talented and inspiring persons I know, just happens to be my big sister Denise A.K.A Pearmama.  She recently designed some pretty awesome scarves that just scream Bad-Ass-ery!
these 100% Pashmina scarves come in a variety of colors 

Perfect for the Cold Seasons ahead!

Punk Rock Sugar really, does it get any better??

 Take a look for yourself and visit her personal blog at or her Etsy store for even more amazing work, not to mention her hilarious commentary on life, love, family and all around craziness.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Father Forgive Me

For I have created some pretty awesome hand-painted Rosaries. Check these bad boys out.
Each Rosary is hand painted with a lot of love
(and patience....lost of patience -_-) hah

oh look a pile of 'em

Did I mention I have Rosaries for sale?? Contact me for your very own personalized custom hand painted Rosary  :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

BoifromIpanema Art

Hand painted Frida Kahlo doll.

My Dia de los Muertos Bride and Groom Barbie doll. It was tough to part with these two but I can always paint more just like it...I guess?

Sadly, I didn't get a  finished pic of my first-ever Chola Barbie. She had tattoos on her neck, suspenders, a bad ass bandanna, GIANT  hoop earrings and black rubber bracelets...she was pertty rad.
Close up Indian Henna inspired Dia De Los Muertos Barb.

Spider web eyes.

Each face is painted differently.

I designed four of the six sugar skull designs featured on these wood costers.

Pearmama (my sister) candles--all featuring her original artwork (I just did all the grunt work of  putting the images on the candles--you're welcome sister <3--)

The beginning.
I'm in my box, ready to find a cool new home.


Blonde Barbie gets some Day of the Dead flavor.

Hand-painted rosaries!

The studio, filled with some good stuff.


An assortment of dolls, including a soldier doll to the left.

Dig this Rasta-colored Barbie doll.

Black Swan inspired.

Close up, so beautiful!

Hand-painted masks by Sacred Art.

My Day of the Dead face paint turned out sweet, right?

Me and my two sisters.

11/2/2011, Dia de los Muertos,  CA


With the el catrin and la catrina.


If you like any of the artwork you see, you can contact Jeshua (that's me *winks awkwardly*) at
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