Thursday, December 8, 2011

the MOST wonderful time of the year

With all of the Christmas hustle and bustle stirring around me, I found myself smitten by the cray cray Christmas bug. I wanted to do something fun and festive but still with my own lil FLAVUH, so I thought 

"HEY, why not ornaments? That's fresh and new and never been done before -_-" 

Ok whatever, but I have been making my own ornaments since I was 10, and I always seem to use the same technique because honestly... its just fun and looks great! hah
This year I experimented with some new colors and I am pretty thrilled with the results

almost completed
So after I let the ornaments dry over night I decided that they were still just a bit too plain sooooooo (this is where the cray cray  Christmas bug came into play) ........
 I decided to hand paint Dia de Los Muertos Calavera skulls onto my ornaments. One by one each with their own personalities and designs.  I even threw in a couple clear flat bubs on which I painted an original Corazon design from my upcoming T-shirt line
 ya know, cuz sometimes life is too easy!
Here are the Final results.. 
 The best part is that they make great one-of-a-kind gifts! ( yes family, you are all getting one whether you like it or not <3)
Want one for yourself or a loved one?
 Message me at to get a custom made hand painted ornament to add some Chili-Pepper ZANG to your Christmas tree.

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