Thursday, November 10, 2011

BoifromIpanema Art

Hand painted Frida Kahlo doll.

My Dia de los Muertos Bride and Groom Barbie doll. It was tough to part with these two but I can always paint more just like it...I guess?

Sadly, I didn't get a  finished pic of my first-ever Chola Barbie. She had tattoos on her neck, suspenders, a bad ass bandanna, GIANT  hoop earrings and black rubber bracelets...she was pertty rad.
Close up Indian Henna inspired Dia De Los Muertos Barb.

Spider web eyes.

Each face is painted differently.

I designed four of the six sugar skull designs featured on these wood costers.

Pearmama (my sister) candles--all featuring her original artwork (I just did all the grunt work of  putting the images on the candles--you're welcome sister <3--)

The beginning.
I'm in my box, ready to find a cool new home.


Blonde Barbie gets some Day of the Dead flavor.

Hand-painted rosaries!

The studio, filled with some good stuff.


An assortment of dolls, including a soldier doll to the left.

Dig this Rasta-colored Barbie doll.

Black Swan inspired.

Close up, so beautiful!

Hand-painted masks by Sacred Art.

My Day of the Dead face paint turned out sweet, right?

Me and my two sisters.

11/2/2011, Dia de los Muertos,  CA


With the el catrin and la catrina.


If you like any of the artwork you see, you can contact Jeshua (that's me *winks awkwardly*) at


  1. Hi Jeshua! I am actually the one who purchased your chola at the Dia De Los Muertos event! If you want to get some finished pictures of her I would be glad to meet up with you somewhere! I was actually thinking about ordering my sister one for Christmas. Do you have a lot of the barbies left?

    1. Hi Jessica! It's awesome to hear from you! I hope you are enjoying your Lil Chola yo! I would Love to snap a few pics however I am out of the country currently, so perhaps when I return we can arrange something? As far as for your sister, I have may dolls still in my archive but I can always do something custom and have it shipped you if you so desire :)

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