Monday, October 21, 2013

Música Monday: Mika "The Origin of Love"

Happy Monday you hard working, beautiful person you! You know what you deserve??
You deserve a dose of good new music to fill your earholes with!



This weeks Música Monday artist/album is Mika's "The Origin of Love"

The first time I had ever heard Mika was back in 2007!

MTV used small part of one of his songs ("Love today" from his first album "Life in Cartoon Motion") in one of their previews that would literally play at EVERY commercial break.

Once I found out who the artist was, I immediately went on YouTube and listened to all of Mika's music that was out at the time, then I bought the full album!

Mika has a pretty alternative sound which is why I wasn't surprised that he didn't blow up in the states.  

After the release of "Life in Cartoon Motion" I kind-of forgot about him and didn't even bother to think twice about his second album "The boy who knew too much" released in 2009.  

It wasn't until I listened to Ariana Grande's version of "Popular Song" featuring Mika  (originally written and recorded by Mika for "The Origin of Love" album) that I was reminded of how much I actually enjoyed Mika's voice and style.  

I gave his most recent album "The Origin of Love" a listen to, and boy was I stoked!!!!

This Album is so good. I literally laughed out loud to some tracks but in a good way. 

The cheeky "I only love you when I'm drunk" was the song that totally caught me off guard.  I hadn't read the title of the song because I was just listening to the album all the way through. Once the chorus hit, it totally caught me off guard and made me LOL 

The title track "Origin of Love" is a really fun, upbeat, melodic track that has a great feel as well as super interesting melodic vocals.  The song has a light piano centered sound that almost makes it a non-traditional dance song.  It's one of those songs that you dance in your underwear to whilst getting ready in the morning...or something. haha 

 or maybe that's just me.....

I really like Mika's version of "Popular Song."  It has a great message and although it is less pop-melody-esque, than the Ariana version, the message is a little more at the forefront and more matter-of-fact, than the more sensationalized Ariana grande version (which I still love regardless).  

The track "Heroes"also has a fantastic message about a soldier coming home after war. Very relevant to the world we are living in now.   

The moody-ballad "Underwater" has a great smooth piano riff with a really jagged, contrasting lyrical melody in the verses, that really builds in the chorus. 

Finally.... "Emily" or the alternate "Elle me Dit" is just so fun to listen to.

Take a Listen for yourself!

May a little dose of new music brighten your Monday and boost your week!



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