Thursday, October 31, 2013

Música Monday (on Thursday) :Halloween playlist

Hello music lovers and Halloween lovers alike! You know what day it is??!
IT'S HALLOWEEN!...Also it's Thursday
*Cue childrens laughter and zombie groans*

For today's edition of Música Monday (on Thursday) I've compiled a special playlist of some of my favorite halloween music! 
It's a little complilation of everything from "the Monster Mash," songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dracula, Hocus Pocus, the Nightmare Before Christmas and hours worth of awesome fun halloween music.

Play it to get in the spooky-mood or during your halloween party to enhance the ambiance!

Have a safe and super fun teeth rotting halloween!

May a little dose of music (and a touch of worms wart...for flavor) spook up your halloween!
Ttyl little darlings muahahahahahahahaha,

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