Wednesday, August 22, 2012

água de melancia (sandia)

I may be a born and bred Californian and stem from a long line of tropical blood,
but LAWD HAVE MERCY!!! It is hot as satan's wrath up in in here!
In my effort to stay cool and actually I wasn't thinking about being hydrated at all.  I just wanted something good to drink
           lez be honest...
I looked around my kitchen and saw that I had a nice big watermelon which TOTES gave me a craving for something cool and refreshing. I pulled out my juicer that my mom and dad bought me and whipped up a favorite of mine, an água de melancia (watermelon water). 

Here's what you'll need;
  • A blender or juicer ( if you're using a blender you may need to strain the juice at the end)
  • 1Watermelon cut into large chunks
  • 3 Limes peeled (or the juice of three limes)
  • A handful of mint leaves
  • Agave nectar to taste (optional)

soooo......basically just combine all of the ingredients in the blender or juicer, add the agave nectar and chill. Serve cold. Super simple and MAJORLY delicious! 

Some people make it more savory and add rock salt or chili powder, however I prefer mine a bit sweeter so depending on the watermelon I will add a bit of the agave nectar to taste.

     but that's pretty much it! 

Simple and refreshing, a perfect companion to all your summa-time shenanigans 

Hope you enjoy!!! ttyl

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