Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BoifromIpanema style

 Well ya'll, we are already ankle deep in 2013!

 Now I don't know about you guys but I never really set any new year's resolutions  A. becuase not making them means I don't felel like a total loser when I just give up on them,  B. because I'm lazy and  C. because *see A. and B., but I'm feeling resolution-y right about now

'cause better late than never, amIright guyz?

  With the new year comes an opportunity for new beginnings, and not one but TWO new segments here on

  *Cue children's applause and laughter*

 The first being a monthly segment I'm calling "Duets for a year". 

 This segment was inspired by my very good friend Maya at  She recently just finished up her series entitled "love songs for a year" In which like, sang love songs...for the year.   Yeah anyway  Each month I will be singing a duet with a different artist, creating a fusion of styles which, I'm hoping, turns out really cool.

The second series starting in the next few next months will be a weekly series entitled "Fitness Friday."  I will be posting my journey to getting fit and flexible and my overall progress as a dancer. Hopefully this segment will inspire you to be more active and maybe even go on this journey with me. In addition to body progress pics (which I am dreading like the wrath of God....this is all for you!!!), I'll be posting some "get-active" activities and healthy (yet delicious of course) recipes to help ease the junk-food cravings.  And fret not ye weary souls,  There will be plenty of DIY fashion and craft tutorials to come.

  I hope you all are having a wonderful new year thus far. Don't forget to leave me comments. I'd love to hear feedback from any readers on the new ideas, format and blog posts :D

 Here's to new journeys yo!


  1. Sounds good. Looking forward to more from you! I'm really liking the Duets idea. Just make sure you never sing somebody that I used to know ever again.

    1. I can assure you....that shan't be happening


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