Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bidding Adieu

Last hour before my birthday.

 Thank you 22. You treated me well.

 I made mistakes and learned, I loved and lost (too many in my opinion but that's not up to me). 

 I grieved, I rejoiced.

 I traveled, I worked.

 I rode boats, planes and trains.

 I made new friends and found family. 

 I rekindled relationships.

 I made memories that will last forever. 

 I created and I destroyed.

 I had highs and lows.

 I cried.

 My heart broke. 

 I felt pain. 

 I witnessed suffering but I experienced love.

 I laughed.

 I saw new life begin.

 I attended weddings, baby showers and birthday parties.

 I went to hospitals and funerals.

 I fought for what I believe in.

 I made poor choices.

 I gave into pressures. 

 I discovered myself as an artist, musician and dancer.

 I struggled with my mind and found confidence in my spirit.

 I triumphed and failed.

 I found purpose and made efforts to seek God's plan for my life.

 I doubted and believed.

 I felt betrayed and alone but I was lifted up by the ones who loved me.

 I gave.

 I was bounty but God provided.

 I auditioned and went to castings.

 I was rejected and redirected.

 I performed.

 I strummed my guitar and caressed the keys of my piano. 

 I sang and wrote music.

 I whispered and said things I can't take back -- I spoke words of encouragement.

 I am thankful
 for those who have been there for me-
 for those who have tried to break my spirit -

because it has shown me that in life there will be storms and trials, false friends and unexpected allies, but how you cope with them reveals the purpose and plan for WHO YOU ARE and who YOU CAN BE. 

thank you 22. 


1 comment:

  1. I think you got more out of 22 than most people get out of a lifetime!! Happy Birthday!!!!


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