Monday, September 23, 2013

Música Monday: John Legend "Love in the Future"

Happy Monday friends!!

Yes I know, one doesn't usually associate Mondays with joy and or...uh...jubilation,  but everything is better with a little new music right??!!!

That's why every Monday will be Música Monday here on
I will be sharing a different song, artist, or album for your listening pleasure!!

This is gonna be a serious catch all of musical genres, so hopefully there will be a little sabor for everyone.

Music from Bach to Beiber and everything in between!!!!

This week's selection is the new album by John Legend "Love in the Future" which is an album I'm sort of obsessed with at the moment.  

Some stand out tracks are "All of me" John Legend's ode to his wife Chrissy Teigan.

The track "Made to Love" has a cool Afro-industrial driving beat which I find completely infectious.

"Dreams" gives me so many feels it is almost unbearable!!!

And let us not forget the brilliant "Who do we think we are" which samples Jean Knight's "Mr.Big Stuff" and features rapper Rick Ross.

The entire album is totally solid, and totally worth a purchase 

Take a listen for yourself!!

May a little dose of new music brighten your Monday and boost your week!


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