Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heart Burn crafty Shenanigans

 I was at Michael's arts and crafts a while ago and while browsing the aisle, I came across this really cool iron-on applique by the Crafty Chica.  I've had it sitting around for a while because I am very capricious and I could never decide where or what to put it on.  
   Well today I decided to man-up and just do it already.  So I pulled out my favorite denim jacket and made a commitment.. and I'm totally happy with the result :) I just may start to make more commitments...
hows about a face tattoo for starters??!!!!!!! 
ok maybe I'll start with giving my dog a bath or something first
anyways...application was totally easy 
My jacket was already pre-washed because I have owned it for quite some time, but if you are using a new item, it is important to pre-wash the item to avoid the applique coming off when the article shrinks.   
I then placed the patch on my Jacket in the location I wanted.  After trying many places I decided on putting the applique on my right shoulder.  
After carefully placing the applique in the exact desired position, I covered the area with an old t-shirt and pressed  the applique onto the sleeve of my jacket, held it there for about 30 seconds, turned the sleeve inside out and repeated the process from the inside.

Et voila! A rad patch that gives any Jacket, hat, T-shirt, backpack or bag a gnarly customized look
ttyl beijos tchau

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  1. It looks great! Thank you for sharing that awesome tutorial!!!!


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