Sunday, April 29, 2012

who wears short shorts?

As the weather begins to warm up and the seasons begin to change (here in California, beach season is just beginning) I find myself thinking..and I would just like someone to please tell me why us guys are still wearing long board shorts?? I don't mean to sound like a snob or anything -- trust me, don't think I am exempt from wearing these funky ugly abominations..I just recently made the switch!--

But do you not realize what they are doing to you??

Well let me fill you in. For one Bord shorts cut off in between the knee and the ankle, and I have seen shorts even lower. These types of baggy cuts with their extra long length literally makes even the tallest supermodel look like he has short stumpy little legs, not to mention the wide cut adds a few extra pounds to even the most athletic body.

It is time we move forward...and by forward I mean back.

Back to the days when real men were not afraid to show a little knee action a la John F Kennedy. Now i'm not saying we should all be sporting speedos or man thongs...dang PLEASE keep that to yourself hah.

Trust me, we can't all look like Daniel Craig in Casino Royal, but we can all do a little to help out our physique.

Try a swim trunk that doesn't have an elastic waist (especially if you have a little extra "love jelly" in that area) and cuts just above the knee. It will help to thin out and elongate your body. If you are EXTRA bold and in shape, you can try a shorter pair of trunks in a really bright color. If all else fails...pretend you are European. Maybe you will attract a hot European babe!!*he says to himslf*
 lol *sigh*
ttyl beijos tchau

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