Friday, October 26, 2012

Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skull cake pops


The fall crispness is in the air (finally!) and Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is just around the corner and I must say it's going to be a serious celebration this year!!!!!!

And nothing says celebration quite like cake...

Luckily, I have a gorgeous, talented, baker for a sister who has the raddest, most creative edible ideas for all of our family occasions. This time she showed me the art of cake popage.

I even got to try my hand at decorating the cake pops and they came out pretty flawless, if I do say so myself.

For inquiring minds, here's a list of products we used:

  • Pillsbury Funfetti boxed cake mix
  • Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting (to bind the cake)
  • Wilton's lolly pop sticks
  • Wilton's candy melts in red, black, yellow and green (for decoration)
  • Nestle's premier white morsels (these add a lot of flavor and really nice coverage as well as a bright white finish)
  • vegetable oil (for thinning out the candy melts and white morsels to make them easier to work with)
  • Wilton's red sparkle gel
  • Styrofoam block wrapped in tissue paper for presentation   
And now, for the goods:


  1. I saw your post about the Dia de Los Muertos Barbies and I was wondering if you stilll make them and/or if they're still for sale. I searched for an email address but couldn't find one so I thought this was as good as anything. If you get this little message, please email me at thank you. :)

    1. hey Sarah! yes i'm always taking orders for the barbies. You can contact me at


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