Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tanktop Tuesday

Hey guys! So today is Tuesday, but not just ANY Tuesday!!!!
Today izzzzzz
**Tanktop Tuesday**
cue fireworks

I got the idea for The Crafty Chica who has been posting Tanktop Tuesday for a couple of weeks now! You can check out her posts here!

So I had a few leftover tanks from a project I did a while back.   I decided to get creative and modify the existing tanks using Tulip fabric markers.   I drew random designs and swirls and even got some henna inspired motif goin on....

                            cuz you know how I do *brush off shoulder shrug* 

I think they turned out pretty awesome. If you want to see how I made the original tank, check out my >tutorial< and get on your way to a cool customized tank perfect for the warm months ahead.

*********Side note ya'll. I have the modified tanks here in a few sizes and colors and designs. Let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing one :D
email me at   boifromipanema@gmail.com

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