Monday, October 14, 2013

Música Monday: Amy Winehouse "Frank"

ugh...It's already Monday again?!

well... let's get to it!

Happy Monday fellow life sojourners.

So as some of you know, Justin Beiber has decided to get in on the Música Monday bandwagon, and release a BRAND NEW SONG every week.


we're definitely not going to talk about him.

HOWEVER  we ARE going to be talking about an artist that is very dear to my heart.

This week Música Monday selection is the album "Frank" by the untouchable and deeply missed Amy Winehouse. 

Amy Winehouse came in with earthquake like presence into the American Mainstream music scene in 2007 with her hit "Rehab"

Then she really established herself with the Album "Back to Black'" which received two Grammy's and tons of critical acclaim.

A lot of people know about that album, but not many people have heard Amy's first album "Frank".

"Frank" is different from "Back to Black" in that it's sound is less retro and slightly less produced.
However the writing and feel of the album is young and rebellious, with a generous helping of "achy-heart" syndrome.

Stand out tracks:

The moody "What is it about men" and "Take the box" give an insight to Amy's destructive and troubled side, including her issues with her relationships.

But the songs are so damn groovy....I can't help but to love them

"I heard Love is Blind" and "F**k me Pumps" show off Amy's cheeky side while "October Song" "(There is) No greater Love" and "In my Bed" give you the classic crooner-Amy-sound we have grown to know.

If you really want to hear something cool/supplemental, check out Amy's "Frank B-sides."
It's an entire album of demos and cut songs from the Frank album including some awesome covers and raw moments.

Take a listen for yourself!!

If you've never heard "Frank" I hope you enjoy it, and if you have heard it, hopefully it brings back some memories and sparks your nostalgia :D

May a little dose of new music brighten your Monday and boost your week!


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