Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY No Sew Mexi-fabric Pocket Tank

 Lately I have been all about the "Accent Pocket."  From the runways to the streets of the hood (outside my window -_-) everyone is hot on the AP trend. 

Here's an easy NO SEW tutorial to give your summer clothes new life and some extra kick.  

Step 1: 
I started with and old white cotton t-shirt that I had ombré dyed with Tulip's One-step tie dye.  You can see my ombré dying video here to learn how I achieved the look. 

Then, I cut the t-shirt into a tanktop.  

Step 2: 

Next measure out a 5"x5" square onto some card stock paper.. I would explain more but um... just look at the pic yo! lol

Trace the pattern onto the fabric with some fabric chalk then cut it out with about a 1" seam allowance.  

To give the pocket a little more weight, I cut a strip of fabric. About 2 1/2" in height and 7" in across.

Step 3: 

Use Aleene's peel & stick Fabric Fusion tape to seal the seams of your pocket by folding excess fabric in on itself.  

Create seams for the fabric strip and use the fabric fusion tape to adhere strip to the top-front of your pocket  

Back of finished pocket

Front of finished pocket

Step 4:

Trace pattern with chalk onto tank to get a general idea of where you want your pocket placed.

Add Fabric Fusion to back of your pocket.  Be sure to only add the tape to the sides and bottom of the pocket, otherwise the pocket will be sealed and...uh...won't be a pocket...
so yeah...

Now you're gonna place the pocket onto the tank.  The tape is like, SUPER permanent so you are gonna have one shot to get the pocket in the right place so..uuh..GOOD LUCK brah!
Press down firmly to make sure that your pocket is completely adhered to the tank.

Step 5:

Finally I added this Crafty Chica iron on applique to the pocket using a high heat iron, on the "wool" setting.  Then just follow instructions on the packaging.    

That's it! Pocket finished!
I even made a few different pockets with different design patterns!

Enjoy making your own rad, no-sew pockets ya'll!


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